Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions which are frequently asked by prospective patients in a MDVIP practice and are sourced from the MDVIP website. If not, head over to our contact us and ask away!

How does my insurance work?

Our practice accepts most insurance. Your annual MDVIP fee pays for preventive care medical services that insurance usually doesn’t cover (e.g., advanced diagnostic testing and screenings). We will continue to bill your insurance and charge copays we currently do for other medical services like sick visits.

Do you accept Medicare?

Yes. Unlike an ever growing number of primary care practices, our MDVIP affiliated practice does and will continue to accept Medicare.

Can I get a refund if I want to cancel my MDVIP membership?

If the MDVIP wellness services were not performed, you may be eligible to receive a prorated refund. If you have received the testing as part of your MDVIP Wellness Program, a refund is not available and any unpaid balance of the annual fee remains your responsibility. As more than 90 percent of patients in MDVIP-affiliated practices around the country renew each year and patient satisfaction is consistently high, we believe you will be very satisfied with the program and your overall healthcare experience.

Does the MDVIP program include a family health plan?

Our MDVIP-affiliated practice will treat your dependent children between age 14 to 29 for routine office visits or sick care without any additional membership fee. Standard fees, insurance co-pays, coinsurance or deductibles may apply.

I have family members who often visit me. Can my doctor see them if needed?

Dr. Harper may see your out-of-town guests for sick visits and urgent matters. Fees, insurance co-pays, coinsurance or deductibles will apply.

What happens when Dr. Harper is away on vacation or otherwise unavailable?

Dr. Harper will arrange for coverage. You will receive contact information for the covering physician as needed. Often, Dr. Harper will respond to patient messages even when he is away.

Does MDVIP employ Dr. Harper or own his practice?

No. Dr. Harper and his staff are independent from MDVIP and are not MDVIP’s agents or employees. Dr. Harper runs his practice, and MDVIP does not own or manage his practice.

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